Delta Flight Makes Emergency Landing After Bird Decided To Fly Inside The Plane From Detroit To Atlanta


A pilot decided to make an emergency landing in order to remove a bird that has decided to hitch a ride aboard the plane. The incident unfolded on Saturday when Delta Flight 1943 took off from the Detroit Metro Airport in Michigan.

The flight crew was made aware that a bird came on board the aircraft but they could not find it after two hours of searching.

The plane was scheduled to fly to Atlanta, Georgia, but when the bird appeared in the cockpit, the captain decided that it was creating a distraction.

The pilot turned the plane around and landed in Detroit, where the bird was removed and set free. The flight then continued on to Atlanta. Investigators believe that the bird entered the plane during the boarding process.

A witness who was on the plane, DJ Brian B, wrote: “So after almost 2 hours of looking, they couldn’t find the bird and we took off. We’re in the air for 30 minutes and the bird resurfaces flying inside the cockpit. Back to Detroit we go.”

The DJ later confirmed that he got to his gig on time despite the long delay.


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