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Mugabe Detained as Army Takes Over in The Capital of Zimbabwe

- Mugabe and wife have reportedly been detained by the military - US Embassy in Zimbabwe has warned citizen to stay indoors amid political chaos The Zimbabwean military has taken over the country's capital, Harare, and no less than three explosions have been reported in the city by Wednesday, November 15, morning.

Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe and his wife have reportedly been detained by the military in a 'bloodless transition' of power - and the country's deposed vice-president has returned from exile. According to army boss, Major Gen SB Moyo, President Mugabe and family are safe but army is ‘targeting criminals around him'.

The army commander claimed to have stepped in to calm political tensions over 93-year-old President Mugabe’s possible successor. The ruling party has however accused the commander of “treasonable conduct", according to a report by New York Post. The U.S. Embassy has since issued a warning encouraging citizens to seek shelter indoors ad avoid the political unrest on the street.

There were reports on Wednesday morning that some armed soldiers were assaulting passers-by in the early morning hours in Harare, as well as soldiers loading ammunition near a group of four military vehicles.

Three explosions could be heard near the University of Zimbabwe campus. Watch the army broadcast below:

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