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City Employees Find 5-foot Python in Massachusetts Manhole

Public works employees in a Massachusetts city made an unusual discovery when they opened a manhole cover -- a live python.
The Worcester Department of Public Works and Parks posted a photo to Twitter showing the 5-foot python workers found when the opened a manhole Friday morning on John Street.

"It was a drain line," DPW Commissioner Paul Moosey told the Worcester Telegram. "They opened the cover, and there was this python."
Animal Control officers were summoned to the scene and took the reptile to a facility where it could be properly cared for, the department tweeted.
Officials said the python was likely a pet that escaped or was abandoned.
"This wasn't a very subtle looking snake. This was like bright colored yellow and red stripes, so it looked rather ominous and it was a sizeable one at that," Phil Guerin, Worcester's director of sewer and water operations, told WFXT-TV.

"This is a tropical python. Somebody probably had it as a pet it either escaped or it was a cute little pet not so much when its six foot and it just ate your dog, I suppose," Guerin said.
Pythons are native to Asia, Africa and Australia.
"It's weird, but things happen," Moosey said. "We find oddball things at times, but I can't ever recall finding a python."

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