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Woman Shocked as She Films Tree Frog Eating Snake Head-first

A shocked Australian couple watching wild ducks in their back yard stumbled upon an unexpected bit of nature -- a green tree frog feasting on a snake.
Tina Thompson, 37, of Townsville, Queensland, posted a video to Facebook seeking help identifying the small snake she and Aaron Weinheimer witnessed being eaten by the frog about 7 p.m. Monday.

"My partner Aaron told me to come have a look under the clothesline," Thompson told the Courier-Mail newspaper. "There was the frog, chomping down on the little snake. He had already swallowed the head so we couldn't see what type of snake it was."
She said it took the frog about two minutes to finish eating the snake.

"The frog kept using both hands to stuff the snake in its mouth," she said. "It just sat there afterwards, breathing heavily like it had a major workout. When I looked closer you could still see the head of the snake poking around in the belly of the frog."
Thompson said she may have been indirectly responsible for the snake's demise by previously saving the frog's life.
"It's actually one of the ones I sometimes have to rescue from the mouth of my domestic ducks at night, as it has scarring from their bill on its back," she said.

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