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Thief Uses Forklift to Uproot Outdoor ATM in Arkansas

  Police in Arkansas shared security camera footage of a thief using a forklift to steal an entire ATM from the drive-through lanes at a bank.

The Conway Police Department posted a video to Facebook showing a person in a forklift using the construction vehicle to uproot the ATM from its foundation and lift it into the air before it was loaded onto a truck and hauled away.

Police said a worker at the First Service Bank discovered the ATM was missing and the drive-through area was damaged when she arrived for work Wednesday morning.

A review of the security camera footage revealed the 3 a.m. theft. Police said they suspect the thieves work in the construction industry.

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  1. The use of a construction machine in this role was a very reckless idea. However, the forklift coped with the theft of the entire ATM.