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North Carolina Man Buys One More Ticket, Wins $10 Million

A North Carolina man decided to buy one more ticket and turned out to be a $10 million winner Friday.

Michael Hill of Leland, N.C. Bought a ticket that was a losing ticket. But ware that there was one more $10 million ticket still available, he bought another.

"I have a strategy when it comes to scratching," Hill said, according to WTVD. "I start with the corners. When I got to the dollar symbol I knew I won something. I saw the one and then the zero and it still didn't hit me. But then I saw the 'M'. My heart dropped down to my toes and I lost my breath."

Once he realized he won, Hill called his wife. "I told her to pack her bags because we just won $10 million!" he said. But Hill opted to take the lump sum of $6 million, rather than the entire $10 million in 20 installments of $500,000 per year, reported WRAL.

After state and federal taxes, Hill took home $4,159,101.

That's not quite $10 million, but still a hefty sum for Hill, who plans on paying off some bills and putting money into his wife's instructional design business.

"This is life changing," Hill said. "Wow! Just wow!"

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