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10-year-old girl stole car from YMCA for joyride with friends

A young girl in North Dakota stole a car from a local YMCA to take a ride around town with her friends. Bismarck Police said the 10-year-old girl took the car keys from a man's cubby at the facility's fitness center.
The girl said she took the keys and threw the man's phone and wallet out of the car as she drove the car away and went to pick up her friends. She told her friends she had borrowed the car from a friend and took them for a ride before she crashed the car into a curb.
Police received a call at about 10:05 p.m. reporting a vehicle on the side of the road. Officers arrived to find the group of girls surrounding the crashed vehicle and attempting to change the tires.
The 10-year-old admitted to hitting the curb and was cited for theft of a motor vehicle before being released to her parents.

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