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New Cancer Drugs Turn Patients’ Gray Hair Dark Again

Researchers in Spain are testing three new cancer drugs, namely; Keytruda, Opdivo and Tecentriq – for negative side-effects in cancer patients made a very surprising discovery. After using the drugs, 14 of the 52 patients involved in the study saw their gray hair go brown or black again. The findings were recently reported in a paper published in the JAMA medical journal.

A dermatologist at Autonomous University of Barcelona, Dr. Noelia Rivera, said that when the first test subject reported the change in hair color, she and her colleagues thought it was just an isolated case. But then they checked other patients’ photos from before the treatment and noticed the same thing. In 13 cases, the patients’ hair had gone from gray or white to brown or black completely, while in one case the hair had gone black in patches.

The study also revealed that in all but one of the 14 cases, patients responded better to the treatment than other patients, which suggests that the restoration of pigment to the hair might be an indication that the drugs are workings. Doctors don’t yet have an explanation for the change in hair color but are planning to study the side-effect better and see if the cases were a simple fluke.

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