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Dad Kills Wife & Daughters Because He Didn’t Have Car Seats

A demented Queens dad, after killing his wife, brutally murdered his two tiny daughters because he didn’t have car seats, the Queens district attorney said. 
Triple-murder suspect Miguel Mejia instead hugged, kissed and then killed his kids before fleeing to Texas after the Jan. 18 bloodbath, Queens prosecutor Richard A. Brown said Friday. The alleged killer was back in Queens for his Friday arraignment on charges in the slayings that Brown called among the worst in his
23-year run as DA.
“I don’t know that I’ve seen one that disturbed me as much as this one did,” said Brown, his voice trailing off. “With the two young infant children stabbed to death …” Mejia, who did not speak at his arraignment, was jailed without bail and placed on a suicide watch after his Friday court appearance.
The suspect told police that he tried to kill himself after the three stabbings, “but couldn’t do it.” He instead swiped cash from his murdered wife’s diaper bag and left the bodies behind, prosecutors said. The demented dad is accused of repeatedly stabbing his two daughters: 2-year-old Daniela and 1-year-old Yoselin. Minutes before their deaths, the innocent girls were sleeping side by side in the family’s Queens apartment.
Mejia, 29, was arrested Monday night in Texas — two days and 1,700 miles away from the murder scene. He was trying to reach his native Mexico when investigators tracked his cell phone and busted him on the U.S. side of the border, Brown said. Mejia, in a black sweatshirt beneath a black vest, stared down silently as he was led by detectives Friday from the 103rd Precinct. He was loaded into a waiting car for the trip to court.
The slaughter of the babies came after Mejia killed their mother last Saturday, using two knives to carve up Deisy Garcia, 21, authorities said. The savage attacker broke one of the weapons off in his wife’s body, authorities charged. His rage and bloody rampage started when Mejia, after a night of drinking, found a Facebook photo of his wife with another man on her phone.
The suspect grabbed a kitchen knife and attacked his wife in their bedroom, waking her up in their bed. Authorities said the woman was stabbed in the head, chest and arms. Mejia faces life in prison if convicted.

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