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Prisoner Serving Life Chops off his Own PENIS After Being Refused Christmas Pardon

A prisoner chopped off his own penis with a razor blade after being refused a Christmas pardon.

Francis Karuri is serving a life sentence at a prison in Kenya and took the dramatic step after failing to make a list of inmates to be set free by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

He told wardens he no longer had any use for his penis because he would never be able to start a family, according to Kenyan newspaper the Sunday World.

Karuri was originally given the death sentence for 'robbery with violence' but this was reduced to life in prison, the paper reports.

He was on mopping up duties and listening to the radio as a list of 50 prisoners to be pardoned at Christmas.

When his name was not read out, Karuri cut off his penis with a razor blade and then carried on working.

He collapsed from blood loss and was taken for medical treatment.

Karuri had been suffering from mental illness from a number of months, the Sunday World added.

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