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Pictures of The Las Vegas Mansion That Has Its Own zoo, Museum and AIRPORT

A 40-acre mansion estate that contains a eight houses, a personal zoo, a car museum and it's very own AIRPORT is going up for sale.
The colossal ranch - located just minutes from the world-famous Las Vegas strip - has had its price tag slashed by nearly a third.
That said, it will still set you back a cool $48m.
The outrageous property, which is being sold by Synergy Sotherby's International, has a main house and another seven additional houses.
If that wasn't enough the estate has a 37 stall stable and a 16 stall stable for all you horsey types, a gaming room, a tennis court and an expanse of grounds.

But the pièce de résistance has to be the private jet complete with its own runway and airport - even though the city's McCarran airport is literally minutes away.
Check out all 40-acres in all its glory in our gallery above.

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