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Man Traps Testicles In a Shower Seat And Rings 999

A man stuck in a cat flap was among bizarre 999 calls to a harried fire service over the past year.
Another man needed help after getting his testicles wedged in a shower seat.
Other call-outs included a woman trapped in a trampoline and a man stuck in the footwell of his car.
In all, the Devon and Somerset service spent £50,000 last year helping people trapped around the house.
They said they have also been called out to incidents where red faced people have been trapped in handcuffs, four people stuck in their baths, hands
trapped in letterboxes, an eight year old girl trapped her arm in a vending machine, a man with a hand trapped in a breach machine and a woman stuck in a trampoline - and that’s before they help people stuck in trees.
A Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue spokesman said: ”We are here to help but some of the incidents our firefighters are called out could be prevented."

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