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Car Ends Up On Roof Of House, Baffles Police

Police in South Carolina are investigating how a car ended up on the roof of a Forest Acres home early Saturday.
According to WIS-TV, an officer with Columbia police tailed the vehicle after witnessing what looked like a drug deal. The driver took off, driving erratically without headlights on.
The officer followed the vehicle and eventually came upon it wrecked on the roof of a suburban home.
The suspect was nowhere to be found, but investigators found crack cocaine and cash in the
Homeowner Steve Taylor told WIS that he was awakened by a loud bang around 2:30 a.m., and was told by police in his yard that there was a car on the roof.
"I stepped out into the yard and looked back up, and there was a car on the roof." Taylor said. "It was alarming as you can imagine... I still didn't believe it, once I saw it."

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