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Lace Front Wigs Are The Leading Cause Of Forehead Cancer In Black Women, Study

On Saturday, March 29, 2013 researchers came to the conclusion that Lace Front Wigs are the leading cause of forehead cancer in African American women. After years of studies Cancer has shown to be more prevalent in women who wear tightly laced wigs (Lace Fronts), because of the abnormal cells that are able to form under the moist heat that is usually a result of over-wearing the head ornaments.  

Lace Front wigs have long been a staple in the African American community; especially among inner city youth and with the recent acceptance in the past few years by entertainers & celebrities alike. “The amount of wig wearing youngsters has increased 3 fold” said Cancer Center of America representative Ronald DePinho. 

When asked what can people do to help with the cause and hopefully prevent forehead cancer in a friend or family member? Dr. Renald Depondo responded: Snatch a wig, save a life would be the campaign, but some reps think something more aggressive should be used like “Snatch a wig, save a bitch” to reach the hip hop/urban community who will be vastly affected by this soon to be outbreak, but many are questioning that verbiage …including myself.
 Basically we need your help and if you have an idea or catchphrase that could be used we’re willing to reward you for your efforts to eradicate the spread of this forehead skin eating disease.

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