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'Octopus' Sofa Sits 8 People, But Costs Over $70,000

There never really seems to be enough room on the couch, right? It's especially true when you're entertaining. But two designers strive to put an end to this problem with their Aster Papposus
couch, aka the 'octopus' sofa.
Designed by the Campana Brothers for the Edra company, this piece of furniture can sit eight people comfortably -- 16 if some folks don't mind relaxing on the armrests. Cool, right? Sure, if you're willing to pay $71,633.
Yes, you read that correctly. And even though it doesn't have a frame, which probably makes it super cozy, we're still not sure we're going to throw down that much dinero for a couch where some people wouldn't even be able to see the television. Agreed?

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