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National Association Of Unemployed Graduates (NAUG) To hold 1st Meeting In Lagos

It all started like a joke on the popular Nigerian internet forum nairaland, when a post went viral about graduates coming together to form an association or movement to stop unemployment in the country. 

Most people saw the idea as a very welcomed initiative that will go a long way in influencing government policies to create a place for unemployed graduates in the National budget.

Graduates have been sidelined for years in Nigeria, jobs are not forthcoming and graduates find refuge in obtaining masters forms while some depend on their parents for daily bread and

recharge cards.

--> Many Nigerian graduates play Play Station2 better than their counter parts in other countries due to unemployment, yet some people speak about been entrepreneurs - but there's no enabling environment. 
For example, if a graduate of Agriculture that lived in Lagos all his life wants to start a poultry farm. Most definitely land would be in his feasibility study in which the land use act of 1978 is the first disadvantage, he also need funds with nowhere get it, roads to transport from Lagos to other point of sale are bad, electricity to power the farm and many others are many problems being faced by the average Nigerian youth.

In the light of these, interested graduates has been mobilized from various parts of the Nation to hold the first general meeting in Lagos.

Venue.---Unilags sport centre
Time.--9 AM prompt
Date...saturday 7th of september

The aim is to discuss the way forward to scrap the menace of unemployment in Nigeria.
This is an open invitation to the general public and anybody that would like to support morally or any other way they can.

You may follow the trend on nairaland.

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