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Meet Suzy Monty: Britain's Oldest Glamour Model Still Stripping Off Aged 62

Britain's oldest glamour model is still stripping off for the cameras at 62.
Suzy Monty celebrates her ruby wedding anniversary next month and qualifies for a bus pass, but has a body to rival women half her age.
The pensioner said: “Modelling is my passion.
“It may look glamorous, but it is hard work.
"I am doing a lot of fashion shoots at the moment and the odd light glamour one.”
Suzy modelled throughout her 20s and 30s, but gave it up when she suffered glandular fever in her 40s.
Almost 20 years later, she decided to get back to work.
She said: “One model agency said I didn’t have the ‘granny’ look for my age.
“They missed the whole point – a woman looking young for her age.”
Suzy, from Truro, Cornwall, who signed with another agency, said her
smile was the key to her success.
She said: “Radiate joy and people will smile back,”

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