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Man Fractures Girlfriend’s Eye Socket And Nose Because She Was Too Sick To Have Sex

You would think that when you tell your man you’re not feeling good and not in the mood for sex, he would be understanding and allow you to rest and gain your strength. But for one Arizona woman, her request to sit one sexual escapade out because of illness was met with a fist to the face by her boyfriend. The violent encounter left her with a messed up eye and nose, and having to make a mad dash out of her home to get help.
According to the New York Daily News, a man from Mesa, Arizona has been arrested for allegedly beating up his girlfriend of three months because she told him she was too sick to have sex. Jose Perez, 33, reportedly beat the woman early on Sunday morning after he arrived
intoxicated to the home they were staying at.
--> According to the girlfriend, Perez hit her after she declined and then threatened her if she called authorities. So she laid down with him and pretended to go to sleep, only to run out of the house to a neighbor’s residence while Perez was asleep to call the police.
Once authorities arrived on the scene, the victim was transported to the hospital while Perez was arrested. Perez denied abusing her, but couldn’t provide an explanation for her injuries, even though he admits that they were the only two adults in the house at the time. The girlfriend was left with fractures to the eye socket and nose.

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