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See Military Kindergarten School Where They Toughens Up Preschoolers With Marine Drills

At the Albert Kindergarten, in Taichung, Taiwan, children aged three to six don camouflage outfits and take part in a mandatory exercise program modeled after marine drills. Their parents hope the rough training will prepare them for the hardships of life, but there are those who criticize the preschool for pushing the kids too hard and exposing them to injury.

For one to two hours a day, the children enrolled at Taichung’s Albert Kindergarten perform a series a series of physical exercises inspired by military drills. Principal Fong Yun believes Taiwanese kids lack confidence and courage compared to youngsters from other countries, so over 10 years ago she teamed up with pediatric professor Chen Yi-
hsin to develop a special program that  combined military drills and gymnastics to boost their physical and mental strength. Yun is convince her training will help the students deal with hardships like tough college admission exams, job hunting and even marriage. Many Taiwanese parents seem to share her beliefs, as all the classes at Albert Kindergarten are full and parents drive from over half an hour ever day just to drop their kids off here. The children climb ladders, do handstands, backflips and all kinds of other exercises that even hardened marines sometimes find difficult. In order to graduate, they must prove they’ve mastered the entire routine by passing a challenging test.

Most of the kids who go at Taichung’s military kindergarten love practicing the drills and proudly show off their trophies – bruises, calluses, etc. – but some educational organizations have expressed their concern about the effect these tough methods may have on them. They fear the excessive training could affect their development or cause serious injuries. However, Fong Yun says the exercises actually help both physical and mental development and since the drills are conducted by professional instructors, the risk of injury is minimal.

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