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47-Year-Old Grandmother Wants Cosmetic Surgery to Make Her Look OLDER

Grandmother Anne Bolton says she is tired of being mistaken for a woman half her age. The 47-year-old mother of four says being constantly mistaken for a 20-year-old is ruining her life. She is even considering plastic surgery to look closer to her age.
The market stall worker in Bristol, England told UK’s Daily Mail she believes her jealous friends abandoned her because she makes
them feel older. Her eldest son Arthur, who recently became a father, no longer shops with his mother because other shoppers mistake her for his girlfriend.
Bolton says she is forced to socialize with women in their twenties so she looks the same age as them.
She says her youthful looks ruined her relationship with her last boyfriend, a man 2 years older than her. Bolton said he left her because people often stared at them. “At first he loved it and complimented me on my appearance. He said he was proud to be with me,” said Bolton.
“But soon the looks from younger guys triggered arguments. But what could I do about it?”
“When he was 42 I still looked 22,” she said. “People didn’t believe I had four children. He hated people asking if he was my dad or brother. I could see the way things were going again.”
The couple had two sons — Joshua, now 13, and seven-year-old Jacob. Bolton said she is so desperate to look her age that she considered drastic measures such as surgery.
“I would have changed it if I could, only there is no operation to make you look older.”

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