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5-Month-Old On Life Support After Being Smothered So Parents Could Have Sex?

A 5-month-old is on life support, after parents Rodrigo Rodriguez (pictured left) and Angela Petrov(pictured) allegedly smothered her so that they could have sex, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

Police claim that 29-year-old Rodriguez covered the mouth of their crying infant at least three times while 21-year-old Petrov reportedly looked on.
When their daughter allegedly became unconscious, the couple, who were reportedly drinking Hennessy, dumped the baby back in to her playpen. Afterward, Rodriguez and Petrov are said to have returned to their bedroom in order to have sex, with neither parent checking on the child for the rest of the night.
On Friday morning, Petrov allegedly woke at 7 a.m. to prepare a child for school and then returned to bed with Rodriguez.
Petrov reportedly did not reawaken until 11 a.m., when she finally decided to check on the child. Rodriguez and Petrov reportedly found the baby “stiff and unresponsive.” They then reportedly performed CPR and threw water on her face.
The NY Daily News reports on what doctors found after the 5-month-old was taken to the hospital:
Medics said a lack of oxygen had seen her brain swell. She also had a “blown pupil” and a skull fracture from a previous incident.

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