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6 Common Things That Can Mess With Your Mind

Excessive Praise as a Child

Most kids are taught they can do no wrong, that they’re always a winner and everything they touch is gold. But researchers have found that praising your child for every little thing they do can lead to serious personality disorders.
So, while you may think the best thing for lil’ Junior is to give them plenty of gold stars and high fives, what you might actually be doing is raising a complete moron who’ll end up with no friends.
Being in a Bad Car Accident

When people hear ‘Post Traumatic Stress Disorder’, many think of combat veterans who fought in a war. However, it turns out that something as simple as a car crash could also give you long term PTSD.
The cause of PTSD is our bubble of safety and security being burst, causing shock and disorientation. If a car crash shocks you out of your bubble, you could end up with a mental disorder.
Depending on your ability to cope, you could even end up with PTSD from that time your uncle dressed up as a clown, got drunk and popped all your balloon animals. In fact, that would probably explain the flashbacks and your irrational fear of clowns…
Having a Traumatic Brain Injury

It turns out the effects of a concussion can last long past when the physical signs have gone. Findings show that, after trauma, the rate for psychiatric disorders is as high as 48.3%.
It’s also been found that those affected can laugh one minute, cry the next and generally show irregular emotion. So, if you’re one of those people who like to say you’re crazy, you can make it a reality by beating yourself in the head with a frying pan.
But if you do that, you were probably crazy to begin with.
Living Around Secondhand Smoke

For people who don’t smoke, complaining about smelling or inhaling it while around people who do is fairly common. While there’s constant debate about the dangers of secondhand smoke, psychologists have been studying a different risk.
Researchers have found that living around secondhand smoke makes you 50% more likely to suffer from psychological distress. It’s also been found that for smokers, the risk of ending up in a psychiatric hospital is quadrupled.
So the bad news is if you smoke cigarettes you might go insane. The good news is, you’ve got a brand new tactic for your next court appearance, because that insanity plea just never gets old!
Having a Baby

Having a new baby is a blessed event for a family, full of joy and happiness… except when the woman gets depressed and decides to kill herself and the baby.
Called Postpartum Depression, the suicidal and murderous thoughts only happen in some cases, but can last for months or longer. Symptoms of this can make it difficult for the new mother to care for the new baby, or even handle simple daily tasks.
It’s a surprising condition. What could possibly be depressing about having a small bundle of joy that cries at all hours of the night and can’t be reasoned with no matter how hard you try?
A Bed Bug Infestation

Researches have been studying the effects that bed bugs have on people… and it isn’t good news.
Bed bugs can have a significant impact on some people, with researchers believing that even normal folks can have a psychological response to bed bugs.
The study noted one man who was so upset by the thought of getting bed bugs, that he gave himself delusions. Despite never being treated for a mental illness before, he was convinced that he had a serious case of bed bugs and believed daily scrubbing with bleach was the only cure.
Studies have show that those affected by bed bugs can have symptoms such asnightmares, flashbacks, insomnia, and anxiety. It can even happen just by reading about them. Most of you are probably feeling your skin crawl right now.


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