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Swiss Woman Tries to Survive on Light Alone, Starves to Death

Growing up in India, I’ve heard several stories of yogis who would eat nothing, surviving on only sunlight. We never really tested out the theory, assuming it was only the stuff of legends. But a Swiss woman apparently did try it, and the results were not good. She ended up starving herself to death. Looks like she found out the hard way that sunlight isn’t really food unless you’re a plant.
The woman’s real name is unknown, but news reports refer to her as Anna Gut. She was in her early fifties when she first heard about the concept of living off sunlight in the documentary film “In the Beginning There was Light”. The two men portrayed in the film – anthroposophist Michael Werner, 62, and Indian yogi Prahlad Jani, 83, claimed they made use of spiritual practices and sunlight for their sustenance, rather than food. Inspired by the concept of ‘breatharianism’, Anna read a book on the same subject written by Australian Ellen Greve. She then began to follow the instructions provided by the book
According to the instructions of the first stage, which Anna followed perfectly, she did not eat or drink anything for a week. She even spat out her saliva. The next two weeks saw her taking in liquids, but no solid food. At this point she was visibly weakened and this got her children very worried. But Anna promised them she would stop her experiment if her condition became too bad. Then one day, last winter, she wouldn’t answer any of her phone calls. When her door was broken down, she was found dead inside her home. The autopsy showed pretty clearly that she had died of starvation.

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