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Mentally ill Wife Tears Up 50K In cash; Takes Bank 6 Hours To Piece Together just a bill to

On the morning of May 3rd, Sichuan Chengdu city resident Lin Zhaoqiang carried 50,000 yuan in torn 100 yuan bills from Chengdu Jintang to the Bank of China, Sichuan Branch, looking for help. 

May 1st, Lin Zhaoqiang’s wife all of a sudden had a fit and tore the 50,000 yuan life-saving money into pieces. Facing thousands of pieces of cash, 12 bank employees sorted and spliced for 6 hours only to piece together a single 100 yuan bill. The remaining money, if unable to be pieced back together, face the unfortunate possibility of being declared null and invalid. Because this money is for treating his wife’s mental illness, Lin Zhaoqiang said he won’t give up.

May 3rd after 9 o’clock in the morning, Lin Zhaoqiang was waiting at the entrance of the bank with a thin and pallid expression. The plastic bag in his hand was wide open, and the pieces of bright red cash could be seen from afar. May 3rd, Chengdu, half the day had passed, and employees of the Bank of China Sichuan Branch had yet to piece back together even one bill.

Taken into the conference room by employees, Lin Zhaoqiang had poured the pieces of cash out onto the desk, stunning all the bank employees: 50,000 yuan of cash in small pieces, all in a big pile on the desk, that when spread out covered the entire 10-square-meter meeting table, a mass of red.

Among the cash that was torn by hands, the biggest fragments were the size of a lighter, and the cash that had been cut by scissors was even more hopeless, with most of the pieces smaller than soaked tea leaves.

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